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The Biosafety Institute is leading in scientifically oriented biosafety education and training within Switzerland and Europe.


Science oriented presentation of biosafety measures for experts as well as for a broad public inorder to promote reliable, effective and realistic assessment of biological risks in laboratories and in the open public.


  • Organization and execution of educational training courses in all domains of biosafety.
  • Promotion of standards of biosafety education.
  • Integration of biosafety measures into GMP and TQM systems.
  • Editing of biosafety hand books for laboratories.
  • Networking of experts.
  • Participation in the development of standards, regulations and guidelines.
  • Communicating about biosafety measures and risk management methods in contrary to the overwhelming risk discurses.
  • Organisation of biosafety conferences.
  • Thrid party projects on biosafety.


Increasing public fear about new and emerging diseases, bioterrorism and laboratory incidents makes the biosafety issue to a keytask for the management. Whereas strict maintenance and service of technical installations is important, education of personnel is absolutelly essential. Biosafety is part of the responsibility of each individual as well as of the management.

However, knowledge about biosafety has become a complex issue and education can only be done by according experts. To instruct principles about air ventilation needs an engineer and laboratory fire fighting should only be instructed by someone with experience and professional skill.

Such an education is normally not available in a diagnostic or research laboratory. Would an institut with such comprehensive faculty exist, the educational training courses would be quite expensive. A comprehensive faculty can only be put together under certain circumstances. That is exactly the business idea of the b-safe Ltd.

Without BioSafety - No Science!

Biosafety is believed to be one of todays important issues in research and production. Good occupational health, environmental care and safety for the public helps to raise public research money. Thus, biosafety training and education and its communication to a wider public are important confidence-building measures the scientific community should follow.

The Biosafety Institute b-safe is an independent organisation. It offers biosafety training and education to scientists and laboratory users. It guarantees a sound and professional education of biosafety offcers as well as other interested personel and improves public confidence in biorisk management by forming a biosafety occupational community. b-safe operates together with a wide network of experts from the Applied Science Universities and private companies. b-safe communicates the state of the art of current biosafety measures and opposes the introduction of new, unnecessary safety rules.©b-safe Ltd, Oktober 8, 2017