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The Biosafety Institute

History: In spring 2003 the Biosafety Institute was founded as a virtual institute, which is operated by b-safe GmbH. b-safe GmbH provides education and training programs (biosafety courses) and knowledge transfer (network of biosafety experts). In November 2003 a first three day course was held at the University of Berne.

Step by step the program will be completed and optimized. b-safe Ltd was registered in May 2003. A large demand of biosafety information from a variety of classes of customers exist; this potential must be utilised successfully.

The Principles for the operation of b-safe Ltd

  • Keep it simple, but clever means to find the most effcient and most elegant solution.
  • Non-Profit means that not profit is the main goal but to observe a task of public interest.

The Visions of b-safe Ltd

  • Scientifically sound presentation of biosafety measures for biosafety specialists as well as for the general public in order to promote a reasonable, effective and realistic assessment of biological risks in laboratories and in the community.
  • b-safe Ltd transforms scientifically sound biosafety knowledge by the experts of the network into products, especially into training seminars and appropriate methods of knowledge transfer.


  • biosafety officers
  • event services (fire brigade, police)
  • biosafety committees
  • heads of biotechnology production facilities, heads of diagnosis and research laboratories
  • officials of federal agencies
  • architects, engineers and planers
  • students
  • journalists
  • the public


  • Biosafety training and workshops
  • Internet based services (FAQ, pre- and post-seminar care)
  • Consulting in biosafety education
  • Course material and other information on CDROM
  • Communication management in biosafety research

The experts work in

  • universities and universities for applied sciences
  • institutes
  • laboratories
  • industry
  • the production of biosafety equipment (biosafety cabinets, autoclaves etc.)
  • services (facility planing, educational tools etc.)
  • public administration., info(at)
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